To meet the requirements of as many applications as possible, a wide range of useful adapters have been developed over time.

Paste adapter

The paste adapter has been specially designed for the application of pastes. The upper portion of the transparent spout spacer is designed to define the thickness of the thread for a corresponding section.
Even if the upper part of the spout spacer was cut, the screw cap still ensures a clean seal to keep the active agent ready to use even later on.
Even a dried-up spout spacer can be cleaned effortlessly after unscrewing it from the handle adapter. The interior is specially designed to allow the dried-up piece to be simply pulled out, and the spout spacer is once again ready-to-use.
The adapter is available in the colour combinations shown in the gallery and is of course compatible with all Pageris ® valve systems.

Brush adapter

In the design of the brush adapter, special importance was attached to allowing the agent to be applied as conveniently as possible.
Awkwardly extracting the material from a can using a spatula is a thing of the past. This brush adapter, screwed onto a can filled e.g. with grease, provides the user with a dispensing system for the agent in conjunction with an application tool.
What counts here is convenience and immediate availability.Brush adapters are available in the colour & tipping variants shown in the gallery and are of course compatible with all Pageris ® valve systems. The brush carriers can be colourised on request. Likewise, almost any application can be accommodated by attaching individual tippings (e.g. aramid, brass, steel, etc.).

Precision dispenser

This dispenser is the ideal attachment when it comes to the precise, economical and pinpoint application of pastes.
An opening measuring only 1.6 mm allows a suitable string of bead to be applied even on small parts.
The small protective cap prevents high-risk products from drying out.
This adapter is available in a blue / blue combination and is of course compatible with all Pageris ® valve systems.

Brush protection

pinselschutz offenDue to the feed back of many users we developed a brush protection for our brush actuator
Please find below several advantages:
  • Easy assembly due to simple slip over.
  • Convenient handling by simply sliding the sleeve into the desired position.
  • Residual product attached to the brush will be safely protected from dust or contamination by the lid.
  • Due to the complete closure of the sleeve, equipment within the work space won’t soil up and can be put into a tool box, etc. without any worries
  • The clear version allows an immediate recognition of the content.


linroc adapter This adapter represents an alternative when it comes to vertical application tips.
It must be used exclusively in conjunction with the matching valve.
An authenticity tab is attached on the left side of the adapter which must be activated by the user before using it for the first time by twisting the adapter. The spout cannot be unscrewed any more once it is mounted.
The sealing cap is also available without the Euro punch hole as a plain cap in white, black and blue in addition to red.


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