By strictly separating the propellant from the active substance, the effects a propellant can have on the active substance are completely negligible. The condition of the active substance remains the same when it squeezed from the pressure can as when it was filled into the can.

Unlike conventional aerosols, the two-chamber pressure can also allows paste-like active substances to be filled which can then be applied in paste form.

Here is a small excerpt of active substances ideally suited for use in two-chamber pressure cans:
  • Silicone sealing compounds
  • Permanently malleable sealing compounds
  • Acrylic sealing compounds
  • PU sealing compounds
  • Dispersion adhesives
  • MS polymers
  • 1K PU adhesive systems
  • Wood glue (PVAc-based)
  • Grease pastes of all kinds
  • Gels
  • Grease pastes of all kinds
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